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India Design Contest 2016 The eagerly awaited event of every fashion design student and enthusiast, IDC 2016 is poised to be held on 4th September 2016 at Kochi, Kerala, India. The contest aims to foster budding talent in fashion design and expose them to all aspects of fashion and allied businesses, showcasing and marketing their designs.

Who can apply

The contest is open only to students of fashion design from around the world. A team to comprise of minimum 2 to maximum 5 participants.

The selection process

Candidates are chosen by a distinguished panel of judges, from their sketches, concepts and designs based on a given theme.

Beena Kannan, Seematti

A one of its kind initiative IDC 2016 is the brainchild of Beena Kannan, CEO and lead designer at SEEMATTI who is the patron too. The objective of the contest is to identify, promote and reward budding fashion professionals and make them profession-ready individuals.


She is about to take a huge leap into the arms of her partner with whom she will be sharing her brave and bold outlook in life. Our brides are modest and demure as well as bold and daring. Her style is dramatically elegant. A perfect blend of classic and contemporary, she certainly knows her accessories as well. Boldness, femininity and wow factor must trickle down to little details as well. The key word is ‘Wearable Wonders.’

The concept for IDC 2016 is woven around ‘Futuristic Fashion for Brides.’ The umbrella theme is very bold and bridal. Target audience for the designs would be ‘Out of the box’ thinking brides who look for innovation with the bling factor. In essence, the bridals would be wearable art with texturing and layering as some of the major components in creation. Confidence is her style .Creations must be dominated by glamorous garments with creative cuts and edges giving an extremely dramatic and sensual look. The fabric employed and the detailed craftsmanship should give an extra essence of femininity to the garments.


1. American University in the Emirates, Dubai
2. Amity University, Noida
3. Bishop Appasamy College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore
4. Esmod Jakarta, Indonesia
5. Fashion Education at Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia
6. IEC College of Arts and Fashion, Kathmandu
7. IMS DIA, Noida
8. International Institute of Fashion Design, Pune
9. Inter National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolata
10 Morph Acadmy, Chandigarh
11. National Institute of Design, Gujarat
12. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
13. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hauz Khas-Delhi
14. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kannur
15. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Navi Mumbai
16. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Shillong
17. Oriental School of Hotel Management, Wayanad
18. Pearl Academy, New Delhi
19. Slim’s Fashion and Arts School, Philippines
20. Times School for Interior & Fashion, Cochin

The final list of participants for IDC features some of the top fashion & design colleges from around the world. The stage is all set for the final showdown.

Models Measurement Spec

Group A

India Design Contest Models Mesurment Spec

Group B

India Design Contest Brouchure

Group C

India Design Contest Color Palette

Group D

India Design Contest Color Palette


India Design Contest Poster


India Design Contest Brouchure

Colour Palette

India Design Contest Color Palette


Who can apply for India Design Contest 2016?

Only graduating students of fashion across the globe can apply.

How many contestants can apply?

A team of minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 can apply.

Can two or more teams from the same college or class apply ?

Yes, there is no limitation on number of teams applying from the same college or class.

What is the last date of registration?

The last of registration is 3 July, 2016 by 12 midnight.

What is the last date of submission of the design sketches?

The last date of submission of sketches with descriptions is 3 July, 2016 by 12 midnight.

How many sketches should be made?

There must be compulsory 5 garment sketches.

What are the specifications of garment sketches?

The sketches should include –
• 1 gown
• 1 best of waste(recycle the left over material from the entries)
• 3 light weight bridals

How should you construct the Best of Waste wear?

The Best of Waste must be constructed out of the left over fabrics of the other 4 costumes.

What are the colour parameters to be followed?

One team can select only 1 Colour Palette for their sketches from the given 4 palettes in the brochure.

What is the selection process of the contest?

A panel of acclaimed judges will be selecting the final 20 teams from all the registered Teams who have submitted proper sketches with descriptions.

What are the procedures after the selection of teams?

The selected 20 Teams will be given 40 days to prepare their garments to be presented in front of the judges.

What parameters on size should be followed for stitching?

The Students will be provided with Model Sizes. Selected teams of students will be guided by India Design Contest Team members.

Will IDC pay the contestants for their travel?

No, travel charges are to be borne by the students themselves.

Will IDC pay the contestants for their food and accommodation?

Yes, Food and Accommodation will be provided in a 3-Star hotel in Kochi.

How many days does IDC provide food and accommodation?

Two days and two nights stay will be arranged.

Do we have pantone shades for the colors?

No, pantone shades are not available. You have to strictly follow one of the colour palette as your theme colour.

Is there a caution money deposit?

Yes there is a Caution Money deposit of INR 10,000 for the selected 20 Teams which needs to be sent by 15 July. The deposit will be given back right after the Final Event.

India Design Contest Video

India Design Contest Promotional Video

Watch the Promotional video of India Design Contest 2016

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India Design Contest 2015
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